About CIS – Colorado Internet Solutions

At Colorado Internet Solutions, we are dedicated to delivering affordable, high-quality internet marketing results to our small business clientele. We are located in Denver and understand the challenges and nuance of the Denver and Colorado markets.

We understand the business, so our focus is always on your return on investment. Helping you find the opportunities and market them online is what we are all about.

Our founder and owner, Mark Mitchell, started Colorado Internet Solutions (originally Denver Prosites and Marketing) while working for one of the country’s up-and-coming internet marketing firms that specialized in serving the small business community in Denver.

Mark’s experience in working for a company that was focused on delivering internet-based results for the Denver small business community gave him a new vantage point on how a small business could tap into the many growth opportunities that the internet provides. But, he also realized that internet marketing was still being underutilized and could be expanded more effectively and more affordable for his customers.

Mark knew that most small business owners don’t have the time or knowledge to track the confusing moves of a big internet marketing company, particularly ones that won’t even disclose what they charge a client on a per-item basis. He wanted to change all that.

So with the goal of better client service, expanded internet opportunities, and upfront pricing, Mark started Colorado Internet Solutions. This all benefits you, the business owner.

Colorado Internet Solutions always gives you an internet marketing approach that focuses on affordable solutions, definable results, the highest level of customer service, and pricing transparency. Colorado Internet Solutions can help you and your business stay up with real-world internet choices.

Meet Our Team

Mark Mitchell
Owner – Bubba

Mark leads the Colorado Internet Solutions team as the founder of the company. Mark acts as the bus driver of the company and offers insight and expertise to the operation while trying to stay out of the way of the efforts of the excellent team he’s assembled.

Rick Jacobs
Owner – SEO – Jack

If you come to us with a business listing or citation issue, then Rick will be the one getting them corrected. As the leader of our Local Search department, Rick is our go-to expert as it relates to social media accounts and Google My Business.

Sandra Devos
Developer – Spike

Sandy is in charge of the website development process. With her engineering background, Sandy excels at bringing new technology to our clients’ websites while lending a professional eye to design elements and user experience ideas that help our websites outperform the other guys.

Who is Colorado Internet Solutions?

Our Crazy Skills

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Search Engine Optimization75%
Search Engine Marketing60%